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The App

The App


Public Toilets

WCi™ shows public toilets provided by municipalities and cities.

Commercial Toilet-facilities

WCi™ allows owners of customer toilets to make them available to the public. This will expand the supply of publicly accessible toilets where it’s needed. Prices and opening hours are defined by the providers individually.

Access and equipment

In the detailed view, users receive additional information about the facilities. This way everyone knows, whether the selected facility meets their personal requirements and needs.


The GPS-function takes the users directly to the WC.


The feedback from the community allows providers to improve the maintenance of the facilities to better meet the needs of the population.

The WCi™ Relief Fund

2.4 billion people in the world do not have access to reasonable toilets.

Together we can be part of the solution to improve the current situation. We support HELVETAS in building new toilets in developing countries. We are excited to partner with HELVETAS on a shared mission. The independent swiss development organization HELVETAS is operating in 29 countries around the globe and commits to sustainable sanitation projects.

With our contribution we help to build new latrines in schools in Burkina Faso. As in all other projects from HELVETAS the focus is on sustainability. The children of these schools will learn the basics of hygiene and sanitation which they can share with their families and friends. You can read more about this and other ongoing projects here.

Advantages for providers

The cost of the toilet usages can be covered by the income from WCi™ customers.

WCi™ creates a social arrangement for the use of commercial toilets by non-consuming guests.

Opening hours and prices are defined by the provider and adapted at any time.

Tourists and business travelers are attracted.

The expansion of the supply of toilets can help to keep the neighborhood clean and therefore attractive to customers

Toilets are the business cards of the restaurant. Show them what you got and make them come back.

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